Life on the Halfshell by Ron Buck

When I was a little girl he took his small suitcase out of its hiding place and therein I saw paper upon paper, small pieces,large pieces, scraps of bags and napkins of all color and size with written words, pros, poetry and doodles…”This is me, all of me. If you ever need to find me, this is where I will be” and he quietly clicked the suitcase closed and put it back in its hiding place. I have never gotten over that moment of assurance that he will be with me always…not just in my heart and soul but on those precious scraps of paper…coloring an image for me that I might have otherwise missed…

Ron was nine years older than me and moved away from home when I was about eight years old…he left me with memories of “Hey Jude”, “Let it Be”, ballads by Joan Baez and learning to tie shoes. Ron was my first Super Hero battling all that intended to harm me, he was my greatest advocate and handled me as though I were made of fragile hand spun glass. I missed him dearly after he left.

Four years would go by and I heard nothing from him and then one day he pulls into the driveway driving a brown station wagon eating roasted soybeans and other unusual organic foods. He attended the College of Charleston and participated in local plays (I still have a few bulletins proudly proclaiming his name and character he portrayed)

At Christmas time he gave me my first guitar and guitar book of ballads I was 12 and eagerly pressed him to teach me all he knew on the guitar. His beautiful hands flew across the strings as though with Angels wings producing music which surely transcended time. He taught me three chords C, G and D and how to care for my guitar with polish and to change the strings.

Shortly thereafter he left again this time empowering me with the things necessary to overcome the ‘evil’ which pops up in ones daily life. Through the written word, song, art and photography I have come into the woman I am today. These gifts he shared have saved me from a life of desolation and deep sadness.

I am still fragile in many ways but Ron’s words, his love and laughter have srengthened me and keep me strong everyday. I love you Ronnie…words will never truly express just how you have touched my life…I am a better person for your unconditional love…

I hope we do reunite on the other side and can catch up on all we missed in this life…RIP my sweet brother

Ronald Hovey Buck –February 8, 1954 – March 24, 2012

October 7, 2014
Your boat hat

Neatly folded and placed in a grocery store bag sealed with a love knot.
I have found your golden rod colored boat hat, which still smells like you.
My how time has passed since you left.
So much living
since then to now and every moment in between and you were there
and I here.

I am downsizing, again. And for today, for just a lil longer
I’ll hold on to your guitar and golden-rod colored boat hat and
celebrate you, all of you in all of my heart and mind.

I miss you more than words can say, every bit of you…
posted in memory of my awesome brother~
Ronald (Ronnie) Hovey (Jones) Buck

Author, Actor, Playwrite, Oyster man…anything he wanted to be until the end but always the most humble, honorable man I have ever known…I love you my sweet prince always and forever

by Susan Louise Davis©


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