I Love them ALL

I love the way their tiny little arms wrap around my fluffy waist

Or curl their baby fingers in the depths of my long hair

The sweet melody of the english language as it rolls from clumsy tongues

and my fined tuned ear must retrain…

I love to see their eyes light up when their loved ones visit

The uncontrollable giggles falling from our puckered lips as we try NOT to Grin too big or too long or too loud

Falling into each other all tangled arms, bags, purses

And sunglasses slipping down and off rigid nose

Crushed under tangled masses

There is just so much I hold dear with each and every one

I cannot adequately share

I just Love them ALL Each and EVERY ONE…

I am so thankful for my children & grandchildren…I cannot imagine my life without them…by Susan Louise Davis


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