Where is the Mystery?

As parents we are responsible for what our children are exposed to and when. Granted there is that small percentage of information which will be shared with our children in the run of everyday life whether it be through the media, at school, a neighbors, the library wherever it may be, we still have a responsibility to water down the exposure in order to preserve our children’ s innocence.

I’ve heard the justifications, “They are gonna learn it sometime, I want them to learn it with me, from me.” Or the “The world is a crappy place, the sooner they realize it the better.”

I don’t agree, if we steal the mystery of life from our children early on it establishes a life of oppression, depression, anger, outrage the negative list goes on and on. Why raise a bunch of discouraged angry children when we have the perfect opportunity to rear a well adjusted individual sustained by hope, positive thoughts and joy?

Seriously I know the people of the world will corrupt our children but must we help?

Just because the information is out there and you know one day your child will be exposed to it doesn’t mean you must expose them to it from the start. Their little brains are not equipped to process information on an adult level not even if you explain the very smallest of details.

Think about it, if you think your hands are full now while your children are still young and impressionable imagine what your hands will be full of when they become preteens and already know about sex, drugs, manipulation and how to use them.

Parents the programs you expose your children to, view them first. Use some common sense.

Recently I was exposed to a television program in a family setting with a 12 year old girl present wherein she was educated about rape, infidelity, and how a father artificially inseminates his daughter not much older than the 12 year old viewing the program. Needless to say when I mentioned the age factor of this child and the maturity of the program I was put in my place by a 30 something upstart who thought the program was suitable for a 12 year old especially since the parent was there to explain it. Seriously?!

When I was 12 I didn’t know about rape, adultery or artificial insemination. My father never saw me at that age naked and he certainly didn’t tie me up to artificially impregnate me with semen from a man my mother cheated with.

The only way we will win our nation back from the streets is to stop raising our children as if they are born of the streets. Give them their dignity and innocence back and curb your appetite for the seedier side of life which is corrupting our children.

The change begins with you. Expose yourself to more positive, uplifting media, teach your children acts of kindness by being kind. Set the example, be the example and allow our children their innocence.

Set the security settings on the television, age ratings on movies are there as a guideline but you make the final decision on which programs your child should be entertained by, use the parental settings on the computer and know who your child is associating with. Its past time to take control back, it is past time to save our children from the wolves who we have allowed to enter our homes through the media. Be a nation of saviors, spread the good news of love and let it begin in your home with structure, boundaries and self discipline.

See what your school system is offering in way of education, take them to the library and expose them to literary works which the school system may not, test your child’s skills with spelling bees, word games and history challenge. Take that time out of your schedule and feed into the very real needs of your child. If you don’t someone else will and the poison they feed your child will be nothing short of a quick demise of their innocence and your relationship with that child.

Just because we live in a self gratification day and age does not mean we should fill those wants and desires right now. Teach your child to establish goals show them how to wait for what they want.

Children for the most part do learn by example. Consider your choices and what those choices expose your child to. Children are our heritage, what we teach them today will be reflected in their lives tomorrow.  Keep in mind there is no undoing the seeds we sow in their childhood.  So sow good seed and don’t wait on the neighbor, the daycare or babysitter and especially don’t wait on that one good teacher out of a million to pop up in your child’s academic life to instill wonderful tid-bits of information and enlightenment.

Its your job, you chose to take on the world when you brought your child into this world; take the world on, mold it, transform it into a place your child will look forward to bringing their children into. Guarantee a future of good things by planting good things in your child and they in turn will guarantee a future for the good of all.

by Susan Louise Davis


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