To Life

I weep for you.
For what was.
For what is.
Seeking solace in anything but everything is,
Everywhere I turn;
You, you, you.
Music, laughter,
All is you.
I weep for you and for what won’t be realizing,
no matter what, no matter where;
You my Prince and teacher will always be.
Will always be with me.

I love you so much.
Some days more than life itself.
But then I hear your gentle voice coaxing,
testing, taunting;
To life with you,
To life go, do, awaken, be!

There will be time enough for grief.
Another day for sure.
Now there is work just along the shore.

So grab a tiny pebble,
A fractured shell or two,
Put them in your pocket from me to you.

Capture a baby’s hand,
This little piggy too!
Gifts of love.

by Susan Louise Davis


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