You are the very reason…

She comes in with a smile, a warm hug or handshake while lulling you into a false sense of security stabbing you in the back and sucking the very life out of the relationship between you and your rebellious child.

He was a pre-teen the first time he met her, a typical boy looking for other boys to hang out, play video games and ride bikes with. She offers a shoulder to cry on and lends an ear when the boy and his mother have a difference of opinion agreeing with the now teen boy whose mother is definitely a butt-hole and he really doesn’t have to listen, follow the house rules his mom has in place or do anything against his own will.  She fills him in with the current laws of the state and how he can become emancipated and move in with her.

He runs away and she hides him, assuring the frantic mother “If he shows up here, I’ll call you.”  All the while the young teen is sitting across from her smiling from ear to ear that he has just gotten one over on his mom.  And of course she never calls the frantic mother.  This usurper of authority turns a blind eye when drugs, girls and expensive merchandise wanders in and out of her front door.  And when the young girls become pregnant she encourages the distressed girls to keep the baby “she will help raise it.”

Amongst trash, rodents, roaches and filth she offers these young people a couch or bedroll to sleep on.  She provides a warm meal and a type of comraderie that these young people do not have with many of the adults in their own lives especially their parents.  The place practically uninhabitable and these young people embrace her and their freedom as they willingly travel the road to hell she offers.

Please pray for the youth in our country, throughout the nations…they need a God intervention to save them from the deceivers of this world who do the bidding of the evil one who comes to steal, kill and destroy…

Parents there are two kinds of neighborhood moms out there, the ones who back parents up and the ones who usurp their authority.    This type of mom is in your neighborhood and lurking behind closed doors filling your child’s head with all sorts of fanciful things.  She is experienced in manipulating their young minds and after all is said and done and even after your child has served time they still go back to her and do her bidding.  She is cunning and in the mind of your child without a fault.

Parents know who your child(ren) is hanging out with…

A missing young mother gone for more days than anyone wants to count and my mind goes back to this one influence in her life.  Her homelife filled with transients, drug addicts, drug dealers, alcoholics, felons, high school drop outs, strippers and the like and the front door opens by the very same mom I describe above.  This missing young woman influenced by the neighborhood mom you don’t want your child around.

Filling this missing young woman’s head full of her rights and usurping the rights of this child’s natural mother.  Parents we are not always going to get it right.  There will be times when nothing we do seems to be the right thing when it comes to our child.  They will hit that rebellious stage in their life as they test the waters and attempt to establish their own personality, likes and dislikes and nothing you say or do will change their mind but there must be a way to draw the line between your child and that one person who most adversely affects their life.

This neighborhood mom is exalted, raised high above all others.  To talk to the transients and delinquents they would rave about how loving, giving and accepting she is but do not be fooled.  This woman is a deceiver, manipulator and con artist.  She devours these kids souls for breakfast leaving them starving for more and like a yo-yo they keep coming back.

Parents….know who your kids are hanging out with…I believe this woman and the transient people she has opened her door to are the very reason another young person is lost…like a rotating door one young person  after another strolls in and out her door some never return lost to prison, drugs, madness, abduction and now death and few to a life of success…


MISSING ALERT: Amber Whited–Brunswick, Georgia

May 13, 2014
It is less than a year since Amber Whited was murdered and many stories and opinions published in social media.

The following by local news reporter Terry Dickson May 13, 2014:
“By Terry Dickson
BRUNSWICK | Raymond Michael Brasiel pleaded guilty but mentally ill Tuesday to murder in the deaths of two people on July 16 and 19 and aggravated assault for stabbing his second victim’s wife.

After hearing the details of Brasiel’s mental-health treatments, Superior Court Judge Roger B. Lane accepted the plea and sentenced the 22-year-old to consecutive life terms without parole for the murders of Bobby Lee Jenks and Amber Whited followed by a 20-year sentence for the knife attack on Jenks’ wife, Mickie.
As Lane questioned Brasiel and advised him of his rights, Brasiel stood straight and answered, “Yes, sir,” in a strong voice. The only time he said anything else was when Adams asked if Brasiel’s defense lawyer, Newell Hamilton Jr. of the Capital Defenders Council, had done a good job. “A great job,” Brasiel answered.
Hamilton explained to Lane that his office, which normally defends only death-penalty cases, had gotten involved because there had been a possibility that Brasiel would be tried for his life.
“I think everyone would agree we should not be executing the mentally ill,” Hamilton said.
Newell asserted that his office’s mitigation investigator, clinical social worker Laura Switzer, had turned up sufficient evidence to show Brasiel was “mentally ill at the time of these offenses.”
District attorney Jackie Johnson agreed as did Lane

Medical and mental- health records show Brasiel had been confined and treated at a mental-health hospital in Waycross and was released a day or so before Whited disappeared while taking her lunch break from her workplace, a Brunswick Harley-Davidson dealership.
Switzer testified about Brasiel’s history of treatment for his mental disorders and, in the days before Whited’s death, he showed increasing paranoia.
Switzer had gathered two thick binders of Brasiel’s records, including a history of his hospitalizations, his school records and several suicide attempts. Switzer testified that Brasiel’s mother gave birth to her first child at age 14 and was pregnant with Brasiel at 16. Brasiel did not meet his father until he was 13 and bounced between his newly discovered father’s home and his mother’s. Brasiel’s mother abused other drugs throughout his childhood, and she also took the drugs intended for her son’s mental-health treatment after he was diagnosed with hyperactivity disorder. He was prescribed Ritalin and later the stronger Adderol, Switzer testified.
“His mother was taking it recreationally,” Switzer said. “His behavior really fluctuated.”
Brasiel also started cooking methamphetamine for his mother, Johnson said.
There were records indicating that Brasiel had attempted suicide several times and had been involuntarily committed a number of times, she testified.
Since his arrest last July, Brasiel has been in the Glynn County jail where the doctor prescribed injections of a strong anti-psychotic medication, she said.
Records indicate that St. Illa mental-health hospital in Waycross discharged Brasiel July 16, the day Whited disappeared, but Johnson said she doubts the accuracy of that date.
In describing for the court what Brasiel had done, Johnson began with the second slaying, that of Bobby Lee Jenks in far western Glynn County.
On the night of July 19, Brasiel had gone to the Jenkses’ house and demanded money of them, Johnson told the court.
After a heated argument, Brasiel pulled a knife and stabbed both Bobby Lee Jenks and his wife, Mickie.
Bobby Lee Jenks was able to get to a neighbor’s house, from which help was called, but it was too late, Johnson said.
“He bled to death right there in front of the neighbor,” Johnson told the court.
Mickie Jenks survived but remained in a Savannah hospital 10 days in critical condition. She recognized Brasiel as a friend of her daughter’s, and officials arrested him later that day at another house in the Waynesville community on the county line.
He was arrested at his mother’s home off the Brantley County side of U.S. 82 which runs along the Glynn-Brantley county line.
The Jenkses lived on the Glynn County side of Old Post Road south of U.S. 82. The arresting officers found Jenks’ wallet in the bedroom Brasiel had occupied at his mother’s house, Johnson said.
Officers examining videos from surveillance cameras at businesses near Whited’s workplace noticed that a man they had in jail for murder, Brasiel, had been in a store about the same time as Whited.
A video also showed there was a passenger in Whited’s car after it was driven from the convenience store and a witness reported seeing the car on Georgia 99 west of Brunswick.
“We’re not sure how Mr. Brasiel got in that vehicle,” Johnson told the court.
With Brasiel as a suspect in Whited’s death, Glynn County police Capt. Marissa Tindale and Lt. Tom Jump went to Bladen Road where Brasiel’s father lives on July 21 to search for clues, Johnson said.
They noticed buzzards at Georgia 99 and Bladen Road and followed what appeared to be a freshly made trail into the woods, Johnson said. The trail led to Whited’s decomposing body, she said.
“They were able to determine she had around her neck a belt,” Johnson said, and a Georgia Bureau of Investigation autopsy found she had died of strangulation.

Whited was a single mother raising two young children. Her mother and an aunt are now raising the children.”


As the sole contributor to this blog, Nanaoak has nothing more to add to this report as she is taking time out to check out from the tragic reality of her life and the many losses she has experienced due to the decision of one person who chose a way of life which left him too mentally unstable to follow social norms such as respecting life.

December 5, 2013
It has been a few months since I last blogged regarding this Missing Alert and much has happened since the location and identification of murder victim Amber Whited. In August 2013 Golden Isles Harley Davidson of Brunswick, Georgia promoted a run for the cost of Amber’s burial and to establish a trust fund for her two minor children wherein many contributed to this fund in addition to the drivers and riders of Motorcycle clubs near and far.

Golden Isles Harley Davidson Brunswick, Georgia

Golden Isles Harley Davidson Brunswick, Georgia









The paternal grand parents after approaching Amber Whited’s mother Beth Whited Allen for visitation have been refused and cut out of the picture they are NOT permitted to visit their grand daughter or her sister. These children did not just lose their mother but their paternal grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins who were actively involved nearly everyday of their young lives.

For those of you who pray, please continue to pray for these children and Amber’s loved ones, they are all still learning to cope with life without their beloved Amber.


Thursday July 25, 2013

With deepest gratitude Allen Bell, boyfriend of Amber Whited and father of her youngest child and his family send a huge thank you to the following businesses for their contribution in helping us get the word out that she was missing.

Without your willingness to print:

Staples— Brunswick & Savannah Georgia
Fedex –Savannah Georgia,
Office Depot, PakMail, The UPS store— Brunswick Georiga),

the fliers designed by Andy’s Vinyls and top the pizza boxes at:

Papa John’s–Brunswick & Savannah Georgia
Pizza Hut–Brunswick & Darien Georgia
Broomelli Boys Pizzeria--Brunswick Georgia
Dominos Pizza–Brunswick & Saint Simons Island Georgia
 Joe’s Pizza, Fox’s Pizza–Saint Simons Island Georgia

we could not have distributed more than 3,000 fliers in the the search for our beloved Amber, who was found murdered on July 21, 2013.

You all went above and beyond helping but especially Papa John’s for making Amber’s face nearly global on your website during the five day search.    Words cannot adequately express how grateful we are for the love, hope and encouragement you gave our family while the search was on for Amber Whited.


Wednesday 7/24/2013

I couldn’t sleep tonight which has been the case since I awoke at 2:54 am on July 17th having had a dream wherein I was visited by someone I didn’t want to see about someone who died whom I did want to see.  Now that we know the rest of the story I can’t help but wonder if Amber was trying to reach out to me then.   According to reports she was in a convenience store at the same time Brasiel was on the day of her disappearance.  What if she recognized him, thought she knew him well enough to give him a ride to her neighborhood to meet up with someone there and he overpowered her, running the car off the road in the process?  I can speculate and let the rest of my suspicions unfold here and now but lets not jump the gun and reveal just what I suspect the police have already deduced…

A drug enterprise in the Brasiel household was broken up today and four members of said family were arrested.  I wonder which birdie will sing?  Yeah, I bet there is so much more to this story and it is all getting ready to be aired out.  I have my suspicions that more arrests are to follow.

Tuesday 7/23/2013

Do not be fooled by any other sites asking for donations for Amber Whited’s children or her funeral expenses.  According to Beth Allen these sites are bogus and are not authorized by Beth Allen to receive any donations.  If you would like to make donations or send a love note of comfort you can do so at the following:


Banking Institution:
United Community Bank
Whited-Castro Family Trust

Thank you for your love and support of Amber Whited’s family

Monday 7/22/2013

Suspect: In the murder of Amber Whited -- Raymond Michael Brasiel

Suspect: In the murder of Amber Whited
— Raymond Michael Brasiel

A suspect in the murder of Amber Whited is in custody most likely due to a tip from an unlikely source more than 200 miles away from Brunswick, Georgia.  This un-named source tipped police off to search the video cameras of convenience stores near Amber’s place of employ as she smoked a particular type of cigarette only found at specific stores.  It is because of this tip that investigators found Amber Whited and Raymond Michael Brasiel  on the survellience tape  in a nearby convenience  store at the same time shortly after she left her place of employ Tuesday July 16, 2013.

I traveled the 12 miles from the place where authorities suspect she was abducted to Bladen road just off of highway 99.  Through lush swamp and marshland across a set of railroad tracks I traveled highway 99 convinced I will never be able to travel this route again without thinking of the terror which must have gripped Amber the last few minutes of her life.

It was an emotionally charged moment for me as I pulled onto Bladen road and found a beautiful written tribute and flowers resting just a few feet from where Amber was dragged through murky standing ditch water and dumped beneath a cluster of trees, palms and underbrush.  As an inexperienced searcher I most likely would have walked right past this path.

But experienced, well trained officials knew to stop and investigate this unlikely pathway just off the highway and there they found our beloved Amber.

While placing  flowers and a love note from my family to Amber at the corner of  highway 99 and Bladen Road a nice lady Vicky Goyden stopped to give condolences to the family and loved ones of Amber Whited but especially to the children and the enamored boyfriend she leaves behind.

According to available information Brasiel allegedly abducted Amber, dumped her body,  traveled from Glynn County to Brantley County where he stabbed to death a man and fatally wounded a woman.

Were it not for the tip from the un-named source hundreds of miles away police might still be looking for a suspect and no closer to finding Amber.   To this source I say thank you for helping to solve this case and getting another monster off the streets.  Amber’s family and the community of Brunswick owe you a debt of gratitude for assisting in this investigation.

Sunday 7/21/2013


It is with great sadness that I share the following:

Amber Whited was found murdered earlier today in a small wooded area just down the road from her homeplace.  Thank you all for your love support and encouragement.  At  a time like this there are no words of comfort for anyone.  A sense of failing has hit the community as we were unable to protect one of our own.  My heart goes out to Amber’s family and friends in their loss and pray for God’s comfort in this difficult time.  You are well loved Amber and I for one will dearly miss your great sense of humor.  Go with God sweetheart.  Rest in Peace…


It is day four of the disappearance of Amber Whited.  I have arrived to the gathering site for the unauthorized search team and no one is here yet not the neighborhood search party, flyer distributors not even media.

Another balmy day in paradise but for me this beautiful coastal town is desolate, dull and eerily quiet like the calm before the storm the air hums with dreaded news.

People from various Amber teams have begun to trickle in disoriented and discouraged and that bright glimmer of hope has begun to dim in the eyes of those so valiantly searching, distributing flyers and praying for our beloved Amber’s safe return.

I have been in close contact with Beth Allen, Amber’s mom and she has asked me to place this statement on my blog:

“I want to thank the community for their love, prayers and support and offers to search for my daughter who went missing earlier in the week.  I am asking all unauthorized search parties to please cease in your efforts to search for Amber including but not limited to knocking on neighbor’s doors at all hours of the day and night.   I appreciate your intention to help find Amber but your efforts are creating obstacles in the investigation. If you are distributing flyers please keep your conversation to a minimum and encourage all concerned parties to direct their relevant comments to the authorities if they feel their information may be pertinent to the disappearance of my daughter.   If you have any information regarding my daughter’s disappearance please call the local authorities: 912-554-7802 or Silent Witness at: 912-264-1333″

This is Amber:

Amber Whited

Amber Whited

It is nearly three days since Amber Whited has been missing.  Family and Friends are all pooling their time and resources in handing out fliers, going door to door to educate the community on our missing Amber.  Nearly no stone unturned while canvasing the neighborhoods looking for clues as to the whereabouts of Amber.  Media is crawling all over the place with cameras, microphones and notepad in hand seeking contact with anyone who knows Amber or might have a clue as to her disappearance.

The internet is flooded with one rumor after another sending local authorities on one wild chase after another and those who sincerely care about Amber are nearly lost in all the hype.  For those of us who love Amber and simply want her home safely we are filled with dread each and every time a new “report” is posted on social media and various websites.

The local authorities though they appreciate the intent of loved ones who are searching have encouraged all search parties to go home and let them do their job investigating real leads as the smoke screens stirred up with the search parties efforts is hindering the investigation.

The community as a whole having come together for public prayer rally around loved ones as we go through our days with hope on our sleeves and fliers in hand seeking any clue to the disappearance of Amber Whited not just the mother of two small children but  daughter, sister and friend.

Please continue to pray with us for the safe return of Amber Whited, we love you and want you home Amber safe and sound…

This is Amber:

Amber Whited Missing since July 16, 2013

Amber Whited
Missing since July 16, 2013

I live in “small town USA” wherein the population was a mere 15,525 according to the 2011 Census which is larger than some but smaller than most cities in America. The average consensus of a missing person in my hometown is little to none.

In this balmy tourist community just off the coast one will find children in swimsuits, cutoffs and t-shirts running through sprinklers, splashing in wading pools, slipping across slip n slides and having full scale pool parties in their yard or a neighbors yard or at the waters edge along Saint Simons Island, Jekyll Island and the like.

Parents and neighbors  for the most part look after one another’s children as they experience the joy of childhood and water sports and picnics on the front lawn or beach towels at the beach as they sun dry and start their water cavorting ways shortly after their meal.

On such a sunny summer day with temperatures in the low 80’s a local woman age 22 leaves her workplace at lunchtime; security cameras show the wind in her hair as she approaches her car, enters and drives off…

It is 49 hours since Amber Whited left her place of employ to take that lunch break and family and loved ones are still waiting for her to return. It was a little over 15 hours after she left the workplace that a community member located her car abandoned and appearing to be sideswiped with a flat tire on an off-road in the city of downtown Brunswick, Georgia.  Though Amber has family in the downtown area one would not find her hanging out on this particular street and especially not abandoning her car with the keys in it.

Amber an intelligent country girl enjoys hot-dogs and marshmallows over an open fire surrounded by her loved ones.  Everything about her life revolves around her family and friends.  She is a devoted young mother of two  and is not known for simply disappearing.   She is not one to take a break or mini vacation from her daughters for some down time without making arrangements for proper care of her children, it just does not happen.

Family, friends and members of the community have all come together in the unauthorized search of our beloved Amber.   Please if you have seen this young woman or know of her whereabouts please contact the local authorities at:
912-554-7802 or Silent Witness at: 912-264-1333

We love you Amber and are praying for your safe return…

Admitting it is half the battle…

Most of my life I have been around the 12 step program and because of continual exposure I live by a code of ethics most do not.  Couple that with a highly structured  militant childhood and there leaves little room for error not for myself and often times not for others.

I gravitate toward a walk of faith based on Christian principle and doctrine from the Holy Bible which is for me “the rest of the story” when applying daily the 12 step program to my life choices.

I live under the covering of mercy & grace and each day is an opportunity to “get it right”.  And so today I walk out in faith the very principles of forgiving those who trespass against me.  Today I am free of the bondage of the painful trespasses of my past.

As much as I have this NEW day so too do they.

It is okay to acknowledge what was as I embrace what is.  We are not the same yesterday as we are today and neither is anyone else.

Be free, give freedom in forgiving and moving on.  To those who have trespassed against me I say, thank you for giving me this opportunity to being a better me lending mercy and grace for all but especially to me.

Whatever it takes whether it be a walk of faith, 12 step program, therapy or even self help books I encourage you to take that leap into a realm of love, mercy and grace and in these things you will find joy and move in forgiveness.

It is my hope that I too can be forgiven for my trespasses as none of us is without spot or wrinkle…