Admitting it is half the battle…

Most of my life I have been around the 12 step program and because of continual exposure I live by a code of ethics most do not.  Couple that with a highly structured  militant childhood and there leaves little room for error not for myself and often times not for others.

I gravitate toward a walk of faith based on Christian principle and doctrine from the Holy Bible which is for me “the rest of the story” when applying daily the 12 step program to my life choices.

I live under the covering of mercy & grace and each day is an opportunity to “get it right”.  And so today I walk out in faith the very principles of forgiving those who trespass against me.  Today I am free of the bondage of the painful trespasses of my past.

As much as I have this NEW day so too do they.

It is okay to acknowledge what was as I embrace what is.  We are not the same yesterday as we are today and neither is anyone else.

Be free, give freedom in forgiving and moving on.  To those who have trespassed against me I say, thank you for giving me this opportunity to being a better me lending mercy and grace for all but especially to me.

Whatever it takes whether it be a walk of faith, 12 step program, therapy or even self help books I encourage you to take that leap into a realm of love, mercy and grace and in these things you will find joy and move in forgiveness.

It is my hope that I too can be forgiven for my trespasses as none of us is without spot or wrinkle…


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