You are the very reason…

She comes in with a smile, a warm hug or handshake while lulling you into a false sense of security stabbing you in the back and sucking the very life out of the relationship between you and your rebellious child.

He was a pre-teen the first time he met her, a typical boy looking for other boys to hang out, play video games and ride bikes with. She offers a shoulder to cry on and lends an ear when the boy and his mother have a difference of opinion agreeing with the now teen boy whose mother is definitely a butt-hole and he really doesn’t have to listen, follow the house rules his mom has in place or do anything against his own will.  She fills him in with the current laws of the state and how he can become emancipated and move in with her.

He runs away and she hides him, assuring the frantic mother “If he shows up here, I’ll call you.”  All the while the young teen is sitting across from her smiling from ear to ear that he has just gotten one over on his mom.  And of course she never calls the frantic mother.  This usurper of authority turns a blind eye when drugs, girls and expensive merchandise wanders in and out of her front door.  And when the young girls become pregnant she encourages the distressed girls to keep the baby “she will help raise it.”

Amongst trash, rodents, roaches and filth she offers these young people a couch or bedroll to sleep on.  She provides a warm meal and a type of comraderie that these young people do not have with many of the adults in their own lives especially their parents.  The place practically uninhabitable and these young people embrace her and their freedom as they willingly travel the road to hell she offers.

Please pray for the youth in our country, throughout the nations…they need a God intervention to save them from the deceivers of this world who do the bidding of the evil one who comes to steal, kill and destroy…

Parents there are two kinds of neighborhood moms out there, the ones who back parents up and the ones who usurp their authority.    This type of mom is in your neighborhood and lurking behind closed doors filling your child’s head with all sorts of fanciful things.  She is experienced in manipulating their young minds and after all is said and done and even after your child has served time they still go back to her and do her bidding.  She is cunning and in the mind of your child without a fault.

Parents know who your child(ren) is hanging out with…

A missing young mother gone for more days than anyone wants to count and my mind goes back to this one influence in her life.  Her homelife filled with transients, drug addicts, drug dealers, alcoholics, felons, high school drop outs, strippers and the like and the front door opens by the very same mom I describe above.  This missing young woman influenced by the neighborhood mom you don’t want your child around.

Filling this missing young woman’s head full of her rights and usurping the rights of this child’s natural mother.  Parents we are not always going to get it right.  There will be times when nothing we do seems to be the right thing when it comes to our child.  They will hit that rebellious stage in their life as they test the waters and attempt to establish their own personality, likes and dislikes and nothing you say or do will change their mind but there must be a way to draw the line between your child and that one person who most adversely affects their life.

This neighborhood mom is exalted, raised high above all others.  To talk to the transients and delinquents they would rave about how loving, giving and accepting she is but do not be fooled.  This woman is a deceiver, manipulator and con artist.  She devours these kids souls for breakfast leaving them starving for more and like a yo-yo they keep coming back.

Parents….know who your kids are hanging out with…I believe this woman and the transient people she has opened her door to are the very reason another young person is lost…like a rotating door one young person  after another strolls in and out her door some never return lost to prison, drugs, madness, abduction and now death and few to a life of success…


One thought on “You are the very reason…

  1. This is a work of fiction, if any details in this blog hits close to home then it did exactly what it is designed to do; to cause you to think. Know who your child(ren) is influenced by. Be proactive about your relationship with your child BEFORE a predator destroys your relationship and their hopes for a future. This predator exists in EVERY neighborhood all over the world.

    There is NO NEED whatsoever to send threatening messages my way. If you don’t like what I post, don’t read it, don’t re-share it But especially don’t personalize it and attack me because the truth frightens you.

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