Scheming Girls Draining the System

There was a time when my heart went out to the unwed mother who was typically manipulated and taken advantage of by an older or more experienced man. You know that guy with the gold chain hanging around his neck and a ring or two on his hands to show he has a lil bit of money in his wallet? The same guy who takes her out to a fancy dining facility and offers the moon and stars if she just gives into his desires. He wines, dines and dances her one small step after another to his den of iniquity and once there teaches, primes her for the universal role she will play for him and for the next line of men that will come along and they will because she loses her identity to this man and the game he trains her up to play. Some would call him a pimp but this type of man does not teach her the particulars of how to seduce a man to make a dollar while she lay on her back. He trains her up for his own purpose and when she is no longer innocent, giving and pliable he tosses her aside. Moving onto to another innocent to corrupt.

Today the roles have changed, the game is on for girls to hit up the boy. These girls are no respecter of boys, they will choose the rich, the poor and the troubled and bulldoze through their victims well stated NO. It doesn’t take a simpleton to figure out, “NO birth control = a baby in nine months” and recklessly they move forward. Within a few short weeks of pursuing she becomes pregnant and begins making demands for the expectant father to move in, pay up and commit to a relationship or else.

What then does this girl hope to achieve in having unprotected sex if not to set this guy up and use the child as leverage to bend his will to acquiesce to her childish demands as puppeteer to her new puppet? Epic fail…this game as old as time and the only one who suffers is the child, the precious child who will be told what a useless pathetic father it has…

We live in a day and age where girls are rewarded for their decision to lay down and make babies. They become the ‘victim’ and are surrounded by all sorts of people (especially bitter adult women) who fill this girl’s head with her rights and the rights of the unborn baby. The victim here is the man who said NO! There should be some penalties implemented via the system they drain while these girls commit to have unprotected sex with one random partner after another.

If they are fully capable of making the decision to be promiscuous then they are fully capable of providing for the child produced from this coupling. More than half of all children born into this world is to unwed mothers many of whom do not practice safe sex. With all the birth control on the market readily available such as; ABSTINENCE (which is free!), birth control pills, condoms and the morning after pill there is no excuse for these ‘bundles of joy’ coming into this world to unwed mothers with unstable circumstances. The greatest form of negligence is giving birth to a child you are not able to provide for. It is not the states responsibility to take up where you fail to provide especially in light of the fact that he said NO! Not one state in the USA should be required to provide for these reckless girls who haplessly produce one baby after another without means to support or provide. It should be against the law and in biblical times there was only one way to deal with an unwed mother and that was to stone her to death! There were no special provisions from the state for the illegitimate child and promiscuous woman.

When a man says NO it is NO. Why is it that when a woman says NO it IS NO? And the law protects her? Just because a woman can manipulate a man into being stimulated enough to perform sexually does not mean he is interested IN that female it means he is stimulated to perform. Once spent his NO still means NO. Time to change some laws in this land to protect the man, if we are still fighting for equality then now is the time to put it on the line…If we can protect women who say NO, then we must protect men who say NO.

I met a girl once who had three children out of wedlock. The first child was the result of this girl having multiple sex partners at the same time. Several men were tested by the state before the biological father was determined. Seriously?! If this girl admittedly had multiple partners why then would the state pursue the father when she should be held responsible for say, ‘reckless endangerment’?! The state pursues this man for child support retroactive from the child’s birth all the while the man is completely unawares the child exists. This man was part of a group of males she randomly slept with while she fully aware that she was not using birth control and did not require condom use. She knew pregnancy was a possibility her actions entrap and yet the state rewards her, incarcerates the ‘deadbeat’ as she sets the course of impoverished life style for a child who did not ask to come into this world.

Scheming girls who drain the system should be handled with justice and truth and made accountable for the many children they bear into a life of contention, poverty and great sadness.