Bee in my Bonnet

Okay if it wasn’t so cold down here in the Golden Isles I probably would have a Bee in my Bonnet because I’d be butt up in my flower gardens preparing for Spring however, today I have a Bee in my bonnet of another nature.

Having noticed in recent days a great deal of insulting remarks about southern state constituents and their inability to “handle” a snow day which may or may not contain snow, ice and sleet. I love a good joke even a great prank or two but lets get something straight.

When I hear “Golden Isles” I imagine balmy beaches lined in dune grasses and palm trees. Flavored snow cones dripping down the backs of the hands of sun kissed children while digging in the sand under screeching sea birds. I see sand sculptures along the coastline in various degrees of creativity amongst scattered brightly colored beach umbrellas and lounging bathers. All the while filling my lungs with the heady and pungent smells of salty ocean breezes wetlands and low tide marshlands. A place which has two seasons in a good year; spring and summer and only one in a bad season = summer.

Southeast Georgians are not prepared for winter weather most northern states experience. Places such as Florida and Georgia are not prepared with truckloads of salt, nor city workers ready to dump sand on frozen roads. There are no snow plows tucked away for weather such as this which blows in randomly every so many years. In fact, I have never seen a snow chain ever sold in southern states and couldn’t tell you what one looks like even if you placed it in front of me.

Rather than toss insults and innuendo about people who live in the south lets show some love and pray for one another safe traveling mercies.

If you have a great youtube video which shows how to drive on black ice, sleet and snow laden roads safely, share it.

If you have any positive information in dealing with hazardous cold weather, post it. Lets teach each other.

When the drought hits and the high summer sun burns and devours whatever and whomever it will we in the South pull together. We place bottled water in coolers and leave it out for city workers and neighbors greet one another with cold drinks when spotted working in the yard on an especially hot day.

We bring fans to the elderly and shut ins and even shuttle groups of people to public air conditioned places such as the local mall or library.

The human race is oft referred to as Human Kind, so please lets prove we can be, KIND…

Big Love


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