Well of course I’m gonna reach for the light…

“I’m telling ya, you are a fool if you reach for the light.”

So it is late and I’ve turned in for the night and as my soldier father would say it is, “Lights out!”
And man is it dark, not even the stars dare to twinkle while dad is batting down the hatches for the evening.
Eh, I’ll take a peek later by the light of the moon for now I am pondering the statement my friend’s husband
made while discouraging me from making the wrong choice in reaching for the light he continues on saying,
“What if you get to come back to earth and do it again and again and it is because you reach for the light.
What if you stop reaching for the light, what happens then?

My room is clothed in total darkness, the moon is not yet out.
I drop my phone it turns on bright white to umber then out and for a brief moment
I get it, I see the light, in the darkness and my soul jumps within my body.
I believe this is what some would classify as an epiphany…

Of course I’m going to reach for the light, it showcases color, contrast and dimension
and then the light went out and it was dark, without substance, a long silent sigh without end…

Friends, today I want to encourage you to think on what it is you reach for.
Contrary to popular belief, there is NO in between. You are either in the light, bearing light or you are not.

Let your light shine, lift up your eyes and see…shape shifting clouds filter
bright sunrays casting shadows everywhere you look while gentle winds rustle the first falling
autumn leaves…the smells of cooler months croaching in…

So yeah, reach for the light ya’ll
Much love©


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