A voice crying out in the wilderness…

If you have opportunity to be that voice, take it. A Non biased voice of reason seeking peace and harmony
is just what our society needs right about now.

I know an individual who is a guest writer for a well read newspaper.
With an opportunity to make a positive impact on not only their community but even readers from
(thanks to the internet) all over the world.
For the most part I do believe this writer has done so above and beyond but then:

A couple of years ago I noticed a change in the tone of their contributions to the paper and
have had grave concern for this writer as well as the impact their words have and continue to
have on its audience.

Based on recent responses to their input regarding color crimes such as white on black and
black on white their opinion has become colored with defense for one color over the other and
is no longer insightful but incite-ful.

Protected under the freedom of speech act, this contributor could do a world of good by
remaining non biased in supporting the success of the human race as a whole and not one
color over the other.

Recently, they shared a copy of some of what a reader had to say regarding their now biased
commentary of color crimes and its outcome:

“Sharing an email I received after the Ferguson verdict :
Maybe now you get it when I say “clean up your act”.
There is no defense, none whatsoever, for what happened in Ferguson last night.
Everyone knew what was going to happen since the black community would
settle for no decision other than the one they wanted, even if there was
no justification for it. Yes, I am sure there were some whites involved
also, but led by the black community. Protest, but loot, burn, etc., never.
You should be ashamed, but I know you are not. You will always make up
an excuse for the actions of the black community. There is NO excuse !!
If I had been one of those shop owners, I would have been fully armed.
No matter your color, black, white, yellow, you would have been blown to
bits if you tried to loot my shop. In summation, a total disgrace.
I am not interested in a response from you because it will make me
vomit. Supposed leaders like you need to start leading, instead of
alibiing, but you won’t. I hope you are very proud !!!


I don’t know what changed the non biased slant of reporting from this guest columnist but I can say this,
the writer of the now incite-ful column has a loaded gun and is using it freely due to the laws which govern
the freedom of speech. I say if you have an opportunity to make an impact do so with great conviction but
without harming one race or the other. If you have an outlet which can go global use it for the benefit of
ALL human race. Knowing some of the guest columnists history I can say this:

“You are neither white, nor black but both and quite honestly you cannot play the “mixed” card
either because at this stage of the game WE (humans) are all mixed. When I read your readers response
my initial reaction is this is a reader who believes you have power (and I agree with such a large following nationally and globally) and could use your contribution to make a positive impact on the community
but you didn’t. You fed into the race carnage your personal take on things continuing to stir the pot.

Can I just say from my perspective you fail as a voice crying out in the wilderness because
you choose one race over the other. Regardless of color you disgrace yourself and the position you
have to create a better unity with the words you weave and put out there each and every time you
submit an article. The reader has every reason to be outraged and feel the futility of the
‘battle of the races’ they are forced to live with because of influence like yours and anyone
else who has a voice and uses it to do harm and not good.

We cannot pick and choose in these matters, the human race depends on those who will
stand strong and firm and when you choose to push one race off as more abusive than the other
then it becomes an epic fail.

I say be responsible with your opportunity. Fight for a cause for all the right reasons
and not just because the black or white in you requires it. As forerunners, I know the choice your
parents made when they decided to marry one race to the other and I am certain you have felt the brunt
of their choice but you do neither their memory nor the sacrifices made to avoid prosecution for
marrying outside their race by inciting hate amongst the twain. Its like taking a bat to yourself
because you are white and black, you cannot accept one without the other and trying to do so will
only cause harm as is the case with your contributions regarding the color issue in our country.
My uncle and your mother set an example for us, we are the pillars of truth against the divide
of color and our ancestors proved it in their actions. So let our actions continue to do so.

From my perspective and obviously from that of the writer who has been accused of vitriolic response to
your actions is not only bold but well served. Your writer is holding you accountable.
And your response is to belittle, berate and laugh in the face of the “crazy white man”
who called you out on your part in stirring up controversy. You have a responsibility
to distribute non biased information, to build up the community and not divide.
And in recent months you have failed to do so.
May I suggest you retire your pen for a hiatus from the causes you hold so closely and get back to
basics with your maker because your influence is slipping right into the gutter with all the
other well meaning voices out there who have lost their ability to see outside the color box?

In days gone by I perceived your goal to accomplish peace and harmony amongst the people just as
Martin Luther King Jr did but more recently you have taken up the mantle of Malcom X and his heated
hate filled speeches from the 1960s which encourage hate for whites and continued disgrace for
blacks. In these matters, you have to choose the human race which is not black nor white.

“The voice of one crying in the wilderness,
Prepare ye the way of the Lord, make his paths straight.”
~Mark 1:3


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