A Peculiar People, Me


She didn’t understand pretend as a child, it was too much for her young mind to embrace.

Imagine moving through your days for years on end hearing everything and everyone around you as though you are under water and not being able to explain. That is until you hear a sibling talking to you under water while playing in a swimming pool. How liberating it must have been to be able to explain this dilemma to your parent and land on a road to recovery from physical and emotional injury.

Recently she bought some hair pieces and mardi-gras bead necklaces to add to the grands toy box in the living room. She also made a tunnel out of cardboard laundry soap boxes for the children to pretend they are underground and secretly moving from one place to another. There is a need for pretend, it gives our canvas of one flower the ability to become a field of flowers as far as the eye can see…

Life is always going to show its ugly side, it will be propagated and exposed in every venue of media and for the most part fill nearly every human conversation within earshot of children. For just a brief moment in her corner of the world the wars are silent, angry words do not exist, perversion does not invade and hope flourishes through exercising ones imagination.

Friends, we aren’t always going to ‘get it’. We will meet people who though they are here, are not. It isn’t for us to fix them, judge them or put them in a box. It is however for us to embrace them and teach through example; unconditional LOVE…an action word and not a warm fuzzy feeling.

Today I encourage you to consider thinking, moving, living outside the box and extend the same liberties to others
and as you do BE LOVE while you do it…


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