Psalm 139:14

Psalm 139 14


Uses whatever it takes

Ya know evil is in residence, you see it on every television channel, doing double time on the radio and forever on the world wide web. You know what they say, “As the world turns”.

A culture divided by hate crimes, rioting, assaults of every nature and form. As humans we have so lowered the standard that most cannot even see the mark.

We are humans, humanity of many colors, a melting pot of cultures. Isn’t it funny that we can somehow blend our palettes, divulging secret family recipes generation old but we cannot blend our race. Humans are not a color but a being most of whom are aware from deep within that they are part of a bigger picture and because the mark is out of site they wander aimlessly rarely completing a task.

Where is your mark? Do you even know what it is? When was the last time you visited YOUR roots, your spiritual roots? What is the foundation of your life the very principal you abide by? Is it enough?

We are here to fellowship, to maintain harmony and to do so in love. And just where is this harmony we seek, what happened to “Do unto others as you would have done unto you?” Higher thinking beings with the ability to do supernatural things and yet where are these great feats?

Humans fail and why? Because we have the ability to choose.

How are you going to choose? Will it be your choice today to breed goodwill? Will it be your choice to identify that we are humans and NOT color? Do you choose love, mercy and grace?

Think about it, what will you bait the world with, will it be LOVE?

Keep in mind if evil can continue to separate humans with a distraction as race…you know what they say about a “kingdom divided”, lets just say the ending does not look good…

Friends, today I want to encourage you to embrace humanity with a new eye and heart. Pray for the human race, we need no distinction of color, creed or other.

Much love

by Susan Louise Davis ©